The principles of design and the architectural language that are used in the projects presented here may draw their physical roots from the tradition of Islamic architecture. Nevertheless, they draw their inspiration from a realm that is universal and timeless and which remain relevant to humanity as a whole regardless of geographical or historical context. I believe that good architecture emerges when a fluent synthesis of certain fundamental elements is achieved. This occurs when one can no longer differentiate between the outer and inner form of a structure and a building simply becomes a continuous and harmonious whole; when one can no longer differentiate between what is mass, volume, structure or space and they all integrate into one; when light and time instinctively breathe life into a building; when a building sits in harmony with its physical environment but above of all with its archetypal quality.

I present these projects as the work that I have managed to achieve so far in my architectural career. These buildings are my effort to interpret the fleeting moments and images that I saw in the inspirational realm of archetypes and which I was blessed and fortunate enough to be able to bring into this world.